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The adventures so far

The Veiled Assassin is the first novel in the unique action-adventure espionage series set in the post-Constantine Late Roman Empire. Recruitment into the agentes-in-rebus intelligence service takes freedman Marcus Gregorianus Numidianus across the vast Roman Empire—from his birthplace in Roman North Africa to the wilds of the disputed Rhine border, the eunuch-ridden court of Antiochia, and the bloody battlefields of Pannonia. This is the Roman Empire in its final decades of glory, a world of rising Christian influence, Roman officers of barbarian blood, and competing capitals eclipsing a powerless Eternal City. A rare and exciting fictional look at the mid-4th century for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Steven Saylor, Lindsey Davis, and Robert Harris. Includes maps, Latin glossaries, and rich historical notes with bibliography on Western Rome's final half-century before irrevocable barbarian incursions signaled the embers of a dying  empire.

the Veiled Assassin Kindle cover Oct 28.
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